Water Drop

Why We Close the Splash Pad For Cleaning…

You may have noticed that the splash pad at the Mundy Playing Fields is occasionally closed for cleaning, usually for half a day each time. This is due to a build-up of a green algae-like substance on the surface of the splash pad. It’s completely harmless but can become quite slippery, especially when wet and combined with little ones running excitedly between all of the water spouts!

We are managing this in line with professional advice received using the best available products. Unfortunately we are finding that treatment is required increasingly often, probably due in part to the natural environment surrounding the splash pad.

We completely understand how frustrating it can be when the splash pad is closed, especially on a lovely warm sunny day, but we must always prioritise the safety of those using the splash pad. We try wherever possible to arrange the cleaning so that it is up and running on warm, sunny days, but with staff availability to take into account, as well as weather conditions (we can’t apply the treatment when it is raining), this isn’t always possible. Please be assured that we only carry out the cleaning when it is really necessary and we do it as quickly as possible. We have the safety of users at heart when making the decision to close down for a clean and will always announce this on social media as soon as we become aware of the need.

Splash Pad at the Mundy Playing Fields