Thornbury Town Council consists of 16 member councillors. Councillors represent one of the four Wards of Thornbury (South Ward, North East Ward, North West Ward and South East Ward), but in practice all councillors work together for the benefit of Thornbury as a whole.

Member Register of Interests:

The Local Authority (South Gloucestershire Council) publishes a register of members interests in accordance with the Localism Act 2011. The Register of Interests for all Thornbury Town Council Councillors can be found here: Registers of Interests for Thornbury Town Council Councillors (please note that clicking the link takes you to South Gloucestershire Council’s external website. SGC are responsible for updating the content of this webpage and it may take some time following the elections for the information to be uploaded).

The below map shows the ward structure of Thornbury, from the 2023 elections onwards. All wards in South Gloucestershire can be found on the external Ordnance Survey website.

Wards broken down by road and street. This is a Microsoft Excel file. If you cannot access it and would like to request information in an accessible format, please contact us.

Map of wards from May 2023