Councillors in front of play equipment

Thornbury Town Council consists of 16 member councillors. Councillors represent one of the five Wards of Thornbury (Central Ward, South Ward, North East Ward, North West Ward and East Ward), but in practice all councillors work together for the benefit of Thornbury as a whole.

Member Register of Interests:

The Local Authority (South Gloucestershire Council) publishes a register of members interests in accordance with the Localism Act 2011. The Register of Interests for all Thornbury Town Council Councillors can be found here: Registers of Interests for Thornbury Town Council Councillors

The Volunteer Path Warden is responsible for liaising with the South Glos Council Public Rights of Way team on behalf of the Town Council. All Public Rights of Way in Thornbury Parish are managed by the South Glos team. They also help maintain permitted paths. They are permitted where landowners are happy for paths to cross their land but do not have the same status as Public Rights of Way and the landowner can withdraw permission for any such paths.

Members of the public can help maintain the paths in good order by reporting issues to South Glos direct on the Council website.

Matters which may be reported include but is not exhaustive are such issues as:

  • overgrown vegetation
  • branches or trees that have fallen across the footpath
  • fencing collapsing or in a poor state of repair
  • broken gates or stiles
  • livestock not effectively managed on land across which a footpath cross
  • footpaths not reinstated across newly planted fields or crops growing on footpaths
  • signs of vandalism and poor treatment of paths.

If you find any problems on one of the footpaths you can report them directly to South Glos Council or report them to the Town Council Volunteer Path Warden. He will contact you to confirm the matter and then report it to South Glos Council on your behalf.

Please note that this role supports Public Rights of Way and Permissive Path maintenance. For general pavement matters please contact South Glos Council Street Care Team direct via the Council website.

For further information please follow the link to the South Glos Council website:


The below map shows the ward structure of Thornbury. This map is not available in an accessible format – if you require information relating to ward areas and boundaries, please contact us to request it.

Map Showing Ward Structure