Volunteering plays a vital role in fostering a thriving community as it empowers individuals to give back, create positive change and forge stronger bonds within their localities. Thornbury Town Council (TTC) have established the EcoThornbury Guardians volunteer team to unite like-minded individuals and turn ideas into reality! Your invaluable support is crucial in bringing these initiatives to fruition.

By registering as a volunteer, you’ll actively contribute to our climate and nature projects, such as:

  • Building wildlife habitat
  • Cleaning up our community
  • Caring for nature
  • Assisting at green activities
  • Planting trees and wildflowers

We’ll provide you with necessary tools, training and guidance to excel in your role.

To familiarize yourself with our Volunteer Policy, please visit the link below:

TTC Volunteer Policy Jun23

Volunteer recruitment poster

Join EcoThornbury Guardians NOW!

Link will take you to forms which may not meet the same accessibility standard as Thornbury Town Council website.

No matter how much time you can spare, we need EVERYONE on board to make a difference. Let’s be the defenders of nature and the guardians of our beloved Thornbury.

Be part of the change!