Town Council Statement on the High Street

The Town Council was not consulted on the original closure of the High Street in Thornbury and has no powers under the Local Government Act 1972, to change any decision made by South Gloucestershire Council on the highways in Thornbury. The District Council, which is South Gloucestershire Council are the Highways Authority in Thornbury and have made the decisions about the highway. The Cabinet that made the decision on the future of the High Street did not have any Councillor from Thornbury on that Committee and the Town Council are not in a position to be able to overturn that decision.

The Town Council has however taken every opportunity to respond to South Gloucestershire Council’s consultations on the High Street and requested a number of other meetings through the Town Centre Partnership and workshops with Town Councillors, to make as many representations from Thornbury residents as it can as a corporate body. The Town Council responses to the consultation can be found on the Town Council website: Consultation Responses | Thornbury Town Council and also printed versions are located in the Town notice board on the High Street opposite the Town Hall.

The Town Council recently invited South Gloucestershire Council officers to one of the Town Council meetings and asked numerous questions about the current proposed scheme to endeavour to make the best scheme possible for the Town now that the decision on the High Street has been made. The minutes and questions raised at this meeting can be found on the Town Council website: Agendas & Minutes | Thornbury Town Council. The Town Council is actively chasing South Gloucestershire for responses to these questions.