Thornbury Cemetery, Kington Lane can be searched for grave records.

Search Thornbury Cemetery

You can use the interactive map to find a grave, or search for burial records.

Ways to search

  • Zoom in on the map and click a plot number. It will bring up the record of the deceased’s details. Clicking ‘All interments’ will show you details for everyone in that plot
  • Click the search button and run a search by name, or by grave number. It will bring up a list of matching records. Clicking on the one you want, will show you the location on the map.

When to contact us

Information is updated periodically, so if you are looking for a recent burial since the last software update, it may not show on the map yet.

Some plots are marked out for future use, but don’t yet have any burials. These may show on the map as “unknown”.

You can get in touch with us if you need a record that you cannot find.