Press Statement Regarding Remembrance Day Parade, Released 15 October 2021

The Town Council has for many years supported the Remembrance Day parade and service in Thornbury, through a partnership of organisations, the lead of which has been St Mary’s Church where the remembrance service has traditionally been held.

The Town Council’s role in the partnership, has always been to apply to South Gloucestershire Council for the road closure and support the organisation of the closure and parade on the day with it’s grounds staff. The Town Council has no statutory duty and therefore no allocated budget or staff to organise this event so has always gratefully played its role in supporting a partnership to jointly organise events like this.

This year we were informed that all partners had been told that following risk assessments due to COVID, there would be a smaller gathering planned to reduce transmission opportunities. So, this year the partners would gather in the churchyard before the service and that wouldn’t require a road closure, which is typical of other similar events that have happened during this pandemic.

The Town Council checked that all partners were notified of this change and the opportunity given to say if a parade would be required. All partners were given chance to reply, and we were informed that there had been no offers to organise a parade, so there won’t be one. The Town Council therefore followed this decision by partners, to cancel the road closure.

Cllr Jayne Stansfield, Mayor of Thornbury said, “The Town Council is still committed to supporting the remembrance service this year and will continue to play its role in the partnership that organises this significant event in future years.”