Cllr Helen Ball

Fiona Deas

Email: h.ball@thornburytowncouncil.gov.uk

North East Ward

Finance & General Purpose Committee

I am delighted to have been co-opted onto Thornbury Town Council, and look forward to learning more about the work of the Town Council and completing the initial training.

I have lived in Thornbury for over 20 years and very much enjoy the facilities and lifestyle offered by the town and its surrounding area. The growth of our population, and it becoming relatively younger offers new opportunities for everyone.

I have a background in local government. In the recent past, I have engaged at different times with a range of voluntary and community organisations by sitting on their management committees: including school governor, an arts organisation, and a welfare rights organisation as well as the residents committee where I live. I enjoy walking and cycling (admittedly with an electric bike), and have an ongoing interest in wildlife, music, the arts and my garden – and, importantly, keeping up with my far-flung family

During lockdown, I at last got round to undertaking family history research, which I have now pretty much completed and written up. I am now visiting various parts of the country to bring to life what I have discovered.  Now that restrictions are pretty much lifted, I look forward to renewing my interest in travelling.