Thornbury Town Mayor

Congratulations To Our 2019/20 Awards Winners

The winners of the 2019/20 Mayor’s Youth Awards have been announced.

KS3&4 and Overall Winner – Zoe Bonnett, nominated by The Castle School for her outstanding contribution to raising awareness of and tackling climate change.

Team Award winners – James Whiteman, Evie Farragut, Ellie Farragut, Roxie Downs, Izzie Downs, Eleanor Pearce, Ava Devaney, nominated by Jigsaw, for their outstanding contribution towards the running of the charity, fundraising efforts and support to new members.

All of the above winners and nominees have made superb efforts to improve the community in which they live, which these awards seek to recognise. They have been recently presented the awards by 2019/20 Mayor Angela Symonds, who visited each winner to present their trophy. Please join us in congratulating them for their hard work and achievements.