One of the four headline priorities of the Thornbury Town Council (TTC) Strategy for 2023 to 2028 is to
Implement Thornbury’s Local Climate and Nature Action Plan to deliver the council’s commitment to tackle the Climate Emergency’.

Our Journey

Local Climate and Nature Action Plan Cover

The Local Climate and Nature Action Plan (the Plan) will build on TTC’s existing initiatives while introducing new ones to help achieve a more sustainable future for Thornbury. It includes campaigns targeting energy and water-saving, waste reduction, greenhouse gas reduction and enhancement of green spaces. The primary focus of the Plan will be on TTC’s assets where we can exert the most influence.

We hope that the Plan will inspire individuals, communities and businesses across Thornbury to take action and work together to create a sustainable future for generations to come. Let us come together and make Thornbury an even better place for all of us.

Visit the link below to download the Plan:


It is a live document and projects are subject to change based on the needs of TTC and the community.

If you have any queries regarding the Plan, feel free to contact us by:

  • Email – climateandnature@thornburytowncouncil.gov.uk
  • Phone – 0145 441 2103
  • Office – Town Hall, High Street, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 2AR (During office hours)

Objectives of the Plan

  • To MINIMIZE our carbon footprint and PROMOTE sustainability
  • To SUPPORT climate & nature proposals while ensuring operational feasibility, e.g. health & safety, accessibility
  • To INCREASE biodiversity & ENHANCE green spaces
  • To CONNECT & ENGAGE with local residents, organizations and businesses to encourage their participation
  • To COLLABORATE with the wider community to maximize our efforts


The main features in Thornbury that are relevant to the Plan have been mapped, including assets of TTC, open spaces management proposals, habitats and lands managed by South Gloucestershire Council (SGC).

In the Plan, we focus on optimizing locations where TTC has the most influence. Some of the SGC-owned land in Thornbury is mapped in the ‘South Gloucestershire Council Managed Land’ layer. However, private land has not been mapped. Opportunities in these areas will be explored in later phases.

Visit the link below to see the map:

Comprehensive map shows main features of the Plan

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Ecological Survey

In 2022 summer, an ecological survey was conducted to assess the state of 7 green spaces owned by TTC. The report proposed a grassland management plan, tree/hedge/wildflower planting and installation of wildlife habitats to enhance the biodiversity of each space. The officers’ recommendations on the implementation of the ecological surveys were agreed in March 2023 in the Open Space Committee. And the proposals have been incorporated into the Plan and mapped in the ‘Opportunities’ layer.

Visit the link below for detailed information, including the full report and specific recommendations:

Decorative picture: trees

Tree Survey

A tree survey is carried out regularly, usually every 2-3 years, to ensure that any issues are identified and addressed promptly. It provides a valuable insight into the current state of the trees, including any potential hazards or areas where additional care may be needed, which will help to reduce any losses before it is too late.

Visit the link below to read the latest Tree Survey Report:

Communication and engagement plan

Community involvement is crucial to achieving our objectives. To encourage and inspire individuals to take an active role in our projects, we will introduce a community programme called EcoThornbury. Click the link below for details:


5-Years work programme

The programme aims to address five main categories relevant to local climate and nature needs:


  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Transition to renewable energy sources
  • Seek opportunities to exemplify best practice for retrofitting existing buildings


  • Minimize greenhouse gas emissions


  • Minimize waste generation
  • Improve waste management
  • Promote recycling and composting


  • Increase water efficiency


  • Preserve and restore natural habitats
  • Enhance biodiversity

Initially, projects under this programme will take place at TTC’s assets on a small-scale and then will expand town wide. It is important to note that individual projects are subject to change based on the needs of TTC and the community. The detailed timeline can be found on page 16 to 19 of the Plan.

We need EVERYONE on board to make a difference. Find out how you can help by visiting the link below:


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