Petunias and lantern

Last Call for Hanging Baskets

Thornbury Town Council is again offering the supply and delivery of its beautiful hanging baskets this year.

The baskets are available at £30 each on a supply and delivery basis only (no watering or hanging service is offered).  The baskets are 16 inches in diameter and contain a colourful arrangement of flowers.  Delivery will be around the end of May/beginning of June.

The delivery process has been designed to be as COVID secure as possible.  On your agreed delivery date, your basket(s) will be dropped outside your home/premises.  We will then ring your doorbell and wait at a safe distance for you to take delivery.

If you wish to order any baskets, please complete an order form.  Full details on how the scheme will work, including payment and delivery are set out on the order form.  The baskets are offered on a strict “first come, first served” basis and numbers are limited.

Why are we not offering the hanging and watering service?

Although we continue to see COVID restrictions being lifted, social distancing rules are still in place.  It is difficult for us to offer the hanging and watering service that we have provided in previous years, as this involves our staff having to work in close proximity to each other for long periods of time.  Although Government plans include a commitment to review these social distancing rules, at this stage we cannot guarantee what the position will be during the summer.  We have therefore erred on the side of caution, which we believe is the responsible approach to take in the circumstances.

TTC Hanging Baskets Order Form 2021