Grant Funding - 2022 window now closed

Thornbury Town Council Grant Awarding Policy and Procedure 2022:

Thornbury Town Council has agreed that a revised grant awarding policy and procedure will be drafted for the 2023/24 financial year, which will align to the Town Council 5-year strategy currently in development.

In the past, grant applications have been split into two streams known as ‘small grants’ which were awarded in the financial year of application, and ‘revenue grants’ which were awarded in the next financial year. The expectation is that the future process will allow for all grants to be issued within the same financial year. This means that groups will not need be required to plan so far in advance, which it is recognised may preclude many valuable projects and events.

In the interim period before the new policy and procedure is agreed, there remains grant funds in the current financial year (2022/23) as yet unallocated. The Town Council is opening up the grant application window now for the allocation of this remaining funding. Grant applications are therefore invited for small grants only. The definition of small grants is listed below.

In terms of the grants previously referred to as ‘revenue grants’ which were allocated in advance of the financial year, applications for equivalent grant funding will be invited in the new year, once the new policy and procedure has been agreed. Potential applicants for the ‘revenue grants’, or their new equivalent, should be assured that applications will still be invited, just not until the new year.

Invitation to apply for Small Grant funding

If you wish to apply for Small Grant funding, we are accepting applications with a closing date of Sunday 27 November 2022.

Definition of Small Grants: 

Up to £1,000. These grants are for smaller amounts and are normally offered on a one-off basis to support a particular project, event, activity or the purchase of equipment.  They are also open to new groups wishing to start up and receive a small contribution towards their running costs.  Groups wishing to receive a small grant need to complete an application form and payment is usually made within a month of the decision. Groups will need to provide evidence that the funding has been spent for the agreed purpose and complete an evaluation form.

All applicants must complete a grant application form which is available below. The Terms and Conditions are also available below. We can answer any questions about the process or provide assistance to any group having difficulties completing the application form by calling 01454 412 103.

Grant applications will only be considered if all sections of the form are completed and appropriate supporting information/evidence is supplied where requested. If you have received a grant from us in the past 12 months, you must ensure that you have completed an evaluation form and evidence of how you have used that funding before any new application will be considered.  A copy of the evaluation form is available below

When completing the form please, in particular, quantify the number of Thornbury residents that will benefit from the proposed project expenditure. Grant applications which demonstrate that the applicant has made efforts to seek funding from a range of sources are also viewed favourably.

If you have any questions or would like any further information about the Town Council’s grants process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Grant Evaluation Form

Grant Terms and Conditions

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2021 Application Window Now Closed

Small and revenue grant applications were taken by Thornbury Town Council until Friday 26th November. Applications were considered at the Council meeting on Tuesday 14th December.

Grant Terms and Conditions 21-22

Recipients of grants 2021-2023

A few words from some of our recipients:

Volunteer Centre, Thornbury:   “We are the volunteer development agency for Thornbury and district. We promote, support and develop volunteering and provide a service which matches volunteers with organisations that need voluntary help. We provide training, advice and support on all matters relating to volunteering. We are supported by a small but dedicated team of Volunteer Co-ordinators.  The Volunteer Centre is growing each year with the number of volunteers registering through us increasing. Last year we registered 206 volunteers through our office/website and 179 through the national volunteering database, Do-it.org. We posted 109 new opportunities and placed 90 volunteers within 44 different organisations. We supported 23 volunteer involving organisations through training, policy advice, workshops, one-to-one visits, health checks and best practice development. We work closely with local businesses and schools and offer schemes to support adults with learning disabilities and mental health issues.  Volunteering breaks down social barriers and offers people opportunities to socialise with people from different social/cultural backgrounds. Volunteers support vulnerable people in society and enable them to live a rewarding life. Volunteering boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem of volunteers and by helping others in their local community improves the health and wellbeing of that community. The social value of volunteers to a community and their economic benefits are immeasurable.”

Thornbury Christmas Lights:  “We were grateful for the councils donation which was used towards the purchase of the waterproof connectors for the radio controlled switches trialled at The Plain and Castle Street for the 2019 Christmas Lights Switch on.  The trial was a success and the resulting WOW factor of the instantaneous show of light had every body stunned.   Thank you Thornbury Town Council.”

The Over 60’s Tearoom, Thornbury:  “The Over 60’s Tearoom has been running for nearly 26 years offering a place for visitors and local Thornbury residents to meet, have a cuppa and chat with other visitors and volunteers.  Many of our visitors call in regularly as they know they will find a friendly face and company.  One of our main aims is to combat loneliness.  We are based in the Town Hall with access to the side of the property.  We are open Mon—Fri, 10.00 am—4.00 pm, serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup and squash at a very reasonable price.  A cuppa and a biscuits costs only 30p! We can accommodate up to 20 people and most days are full!  We are run entirely by volunteers, some of whom have been with us since the start!  We receive a grant from the Town Council to cover 80% of our rent which enables us to keep our charges for the refreshments so low.  Without this grant, we would not be able to keep the Tearoom running and we know that this would be a great loss to the local older community.  We are told so often by visitors that they would be lost without us.”