EcoThornbury Community Programme

EcoThornbury aims to foster a sense of responsibility for the environment in Thornbury by encouraging people to get involved in Thornbury Town Council’s (TTC) climate and nature projects.

There will be a point-based award scheme under this programme called EcoThornbury Points to recognize the efforts of individuals who make a positive impact on the environment and are devoted to achieving the goals set out in the Plan. It also incentivizes people to participate and contribute to the community.

By completing different tasks relating to TTC’s climate and nature projects, people can earn respective EcoThornbury Points:

  • 5 points – Sign up to TTC’s volunteer programme “EcoThornbury Guardians
  • 15 points – Volunteer to help with TTC’s projects/activities
  • 10 points – Sponsor TTC’s projects/activities
  • 10 points – Participate in TTC’s projects/activities
  • 5 points – Complete evaluation form

These points will accumulate over the year. Upon reaching the EcoThornbury Buddy level, every 10 points you collect will be converted into £1 worth of local shopping vouchers:

  • Over 345 EcoThornbury Comrade
  • 125 – 344 EcoThornbury Tribe
  • 85 – 124 EcoThornbury Buddy

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