Thornbury Town Council are very happy to announce the opening of the newly redeveloped play area off Eastland Avenue.

The recently completed play area has been totally transformed with lots of new equipment including a pod swing, toddler swing, climbing unit, standing see saw, balance beam and a very exiting activity trail. The two existing slides have been refurbished and look as good as new. Picnic tables have been provided to allow families to stay awhile and enjoy the new facilities.

The Chair of the Open Spaces Committee, Cllr Helen Harrison, said “We are so pleased with the new facilities at Eastland Avenue play area and really hope that children and families have hours of fun using the brilliant new equipment. The new activity trail is especially exciting as there is nothing else like it in any other play area.”

Thornbury Town Council carried out a full consultation with local residents as part of the redevelopment process, including asking for votes on some of the individual items of equipment. A Council spokesperson said “we were so pleased with the number of responses we got during the consultation and really value the input from people that will use the play area”.

The refurbishment of the play area is the latest in Thornbury Town Council’s rolling replacement programme of all play areas for which it is responsible.

People stood around a picnic bench in a play area

People stood in a play area