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Response to South Gloucestershire Council Phase 1 issues and approaches consultation

South Gloucestershire Council High Street Orders

Prohibition and Restriction of Waiting – L3/DFA/STOP/PT.7029

Designated Disabled Persons’ Parking Place – L3/DFA/STOP/PT.7034

Proposed Designated Loading Place – L3/DFA/STOP/PT.7033

Proposed Prohibition of Driving (Except for Access) – L3/DFA/STOP/PT.7028

Proposed 20 MPH Speed Limit – L3/DFA/STOP/PT.7038

Thornbury Town Council response:

Thornbury Town Council Responses to SGC Consultations

South Gloucestershire Council High Street Consultation

South Gloucestershire Council: THORNBURY - High Street Experimental Traffic Order - STATUTORY NOTICE L3/DFA/STOP/PT.6609