Thornbury Cemetery

Information on Memorial Testing at Thornbury Cemetery.

Thornbury Cemetery, Kington Lane, Thornbury, Bristol, BS35 1NA

The historic cemetery, established in 1897, is situated in a quiet and tranquil rural setting within a short walk of the town centre. Used by generations of Thornbury residents, it contains many local names from the surrounding area. A small team of staff led by the Cemetery Supervisor are responsible for the daily running and maintenance of the site, including grave openings and an annual planting scheme. The team care for the trees, shrubs and grassy areas, including pathways and seating which is provided for quiet contemplation.

We provide a burial, interment and scattering service for residents and those outside our boundary. These services, available on most weekdays during daylight hours, can be booked through our friendly staff in the office at the Town Hall. We deal with many local funeral directors and also residents directly; we can help talk you through the process if you are unsure of what is involved. We have an experienced team on site who can assist professionally and compassionately on the day.

We also provide a options for grave maintenance to assist plot owners who live far away or are unable to visit the grave regularly to tend to it. We can provide you with details for planting, weeding, light headstone cleaning, grassing over or installing kerbs and slate. We can also supply cast bronze plaques for cremated remains plots, which can be ordered through the office at the Town Hall.

If you would like to arrange a burial or ask questions about pricing and how the process works, please contact our office on 01454 412 103.

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