Thornbury Town Council is formed from 16 councillors in 5 wards, Thornbury Central, East, North East, South and North West. Individually, councillors hold no power, their authority only comes when sitting as a whole group, or a large enough number to be quorate. They are responsible for looking after the interests of the town and its residents and are elected for a four year term. The Council has a Chairman and Mayor who carries out civic duties such as attending local events and they also run the annual Town Youth Awards.

Councillors serve and represent their residents on a wide range of issues concerning their local area. They are approachable and available by phone or email for anyone who needs them and we hope that residents will have confidence in contacting their councillor. They may be able to provide information over the phone, or for more complex issues, can refer the matter to the next appropriate Council or committee meeting for discussion.

We also appreciate feedback on local issues and things that are important to you; if you don’t tell us, we won’t know. You can contact us at any time about things you are worried about or would like the Council to consider. We encourage residents to interact with us and aim to build and sustain good relationships across the local area.

What do we do?

As a Town Council, we have responsibility for some local parks, green spaces and the cemetery. We can offer grants to help local organisations and consult on local planning issues. We operate under the unitary authority of South Gloucestershire Council who operate wider services such as housing, tax and benefits and waste collections. Although we have separate areas of responsibility, we work closely with South Gloucestershire Council and may refer you to their services if we feel they are the most appropriate organisation to advise you.

Our Business Plan sets out the plan for how the Council will look to deliver its services and vision in a coordinated way in the best interests of all who live or work in the town or use the Council’s services. The plan sets out the Council’s values, vision, and key actions for the next two years. The action plan will be monitored and actioned through the Council’s Committees.

Approved Council Business Plan- September 2021

Why should I care about who my councillors are and what they're doing?

Your Town Councillors are your first tier of local level government, who help shape and influence what happens in your home area and beyond. They take their residents’ views into consideration in their decision making and can take any larger issues forward for you. Getting involved in their work helps make a difference to the place you live in and gives you an opportunity to have a say.