Chantry Road Play Area – An Update…

As you may have noticed, the newly refurbished play area off Chantry Road and Tilting Road is currently, unfortunately, closed. This is because a small amount of low-risk asbestos was discovered in the ground following the installation of the new equipment. As soon as we became aware of this, the area was immediately closed off and thorough testing was carried out by a qualified asbestos contractor. We have been awaiting results of the testing and clarity around the next steps before updating residents.

We have been advised that an area of topsoil should be excavated, the material disposed of and replaced with fresh soil. We are currently arranging for the works to be carried out. We understand that many years ago the area may have been a dumping ground for construction waste, and it is likely that the recent works have brought previously buried asbestos material to the surface.

We wish to assure residents that we have complied with the expert advice of our health and safety advisors and the specialist asbestos contractor at all times, and that the risk posed is very low.  We share the frustrations of residents concerning the delayed opening, but we will always prioritise health and safety.

The play area will be opened as soon as the required works are complete and it is safe to do so. Please watch out for further announcements!