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Enough is Enough – Thornbury opposes unrestricted development

Thornbury Town Council unanimously agreed, at its meeting of May 3rd 2016, that it should write to the leader of South Gloucestershire Council expressing its deep concern over the number of houses being proposed outside the agreed development boundary and asking that his Council, as the Planning Authority, rejects further applications, at least until such time a new strategic plan can be put in place.

Thornbury already has approx. 1,200 new homes under construction, or with planning permission to build and the Town Council rejects the view that the current infrastructure and services of the town can support a further increase in population.

The Town Council recognises that there is a housing shortage in the region but believes that, until the 12,000 homes that already have planning permission in South Gloucestershire are constructed, no further green field sites on the edge of Thornbury should be considered.

Councillors also agreed that the people of the town should be given the opportunity to express their support for this view by raising a petition.

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